Friday, April 23, 2010

RaGaM AkU YanG BaJeT CbUk

Gila-Gila UNGS!!!

mid-term exam: examined by Dr Abd Kabir
chap 6 need to present next week, anybody can translate it!!! adoyai..manyak susa wooo, language kuno nih..mak aiiisecular, secularism, secularization: lecture by Dr Abd Latif

koya mu!!! *ramai ckp tyme nih aq nsome??? tol k?

huh...tarik~ (20 harakat)
ulang 100 kali

UNGS mmg best!
tp, asgnmt pon best
bertahun2 xupdate blog sbb dok focus wat asgnmt UNGS.
nape xnyer, UNGS xle tgk org senang...
setiap kelas ade asgnmt, esp UNGS 2040 LECTURE by Dr Hikmatullah,
but, i really respect him. u know wat? He could explain everything without refering to a book!!!
sekali lagi
wow *lemah semangat tgk kelebihan ilmu yg Dr ada
mcm mane Dr ajar???
kami xpnh tgk satu buku pon Dr bawak bile dtg lecture.
bkn Dr yg ajar tp, kami yg kena ajar..
so, dpt tgk mcm2 gelagat kawan2 medical n dentistry...
tyme present.

"ur paper is dancing"- said Dr
kahhhhhhhhhhh3- whole class laughing at d presenter *what a pity!
jahat kamu smer...jahat3!!!!!!
tp, claz ni lah plg njoy walaupon byk glers asgnmt.

conclusion: best gok dpt blaja UNGS 18 contact hr per week...
*mengharapkan class cancel~ *niat jahat


  1. tengok UNGS macam dak uia...

    pahtu usha jap... confirm dak uia...

    hahaha... selamat berkenalan... miahahahaha

    sy dak soca, duk bilal... tapi x amek shortsem okeh?


    dojo klasik kaizen

  2. soca?
    ungs ade best gok dr duk umah 4 bln xder wat bender...
    dak uia gok k?

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