Saturday, March 27, 2010

wHaT Is iS

the dust mites danced in d ray of sunshine,
here lies a man,
slowly turned his head,
left, then to d right,
he shrugged his shoulders forward and back,
then winced,
it's me act,
3 hour lecture with Dr Abdul Kabir,
left me with a major crick in my neck,
plus the chair was not very friendly to me,

something came across my mind,
"what is is?",
was questioned by Mrs Jagdish Sidhu,
during my matriculation..

one day,
tears flowing more frequently,
sleep comes less easily,
problems seem to pile upon problems,
worries upon worries,
fears begin to dominate life...

i realize that its tough world we live in,
at some pt in our lives we each must face despair,
from every part,
i hear four words spoken more often,
"is there any hope"

i've known days when sleep would not come,
days when i had to fight to hold back the tears,
those ar the tough times in life,
history tells us that every person at some in life,
must look into d dark valley.

everyone must come to a point of testing,
time that can make a person either bitter or better.

though everything looks dark,
i shall succeed.
though failure's voice speaks in my ear,
i shall succeed.
thanx to my parent,
always give me support,
past, present, future,
sooner or later,
the man who wins,
is d man who thinks he can!

lets pray to Him!
He always by our side...


  1. the mites dance under the dappled sunlight,
    whilst the ants troop off to their colony after a long tiring day,
    and we, the human busy with the messes we created ourselves,
    in the world that full of surprising truth that we'll reveal someday somehow..

    but, after all this, we hv to return to our long lasting home, hereafter~

    sory jaim duk ngarut sini..hehehhe

  2. wah,enjoy reading this entry.. yep, Dia sentiasa bersama hamba2Nya..
    nwy,its my pleasure to be 1 of ur follower.. :)