Monday, September 1, 2014


baru nk masuk sem baru, dah start #homesick. aisey. apa mau buat. hati mesti mau kuat. 
rasa beruntung dikurniakan family yg meriah. belah abah n belah mak, dua2 havoc. 
setiap kali gathering/family day, mesti meriah. 
atok belah mak kawin empat, n semua kumpul macam biasa,
taki kiralah family dari malaysia atau dari Bangkok, Thailand.
xde nk jeles2. 
atok adalah idola saya. ekekeke

wedding kakak sulong dgn pilihan hati, abg taufik dari JB. 
tq kpd yg hadir, terutama tuan mufti kelantan yg menjadi kadi mlm nikah. 

weekend visit. le sister. mrsm besut. 

benarlah, adik bongsu mmg garang n banyak mulut. tp ringan tulang. 

taun ni nenek belah mak mencemar duli dtg beraya di kelantan. eih? 
nenek org kay yel 

tq ma abah sbb sudi anta anak manja lg busuk k kuantan. puas pujuk. 
take care mum, i love u :) muah

gambar hiasan

Saturday, August 30, 2014



wow! setahun sekali update blog.  haha. kita ckp melayu ye sempena bulan kemerdekaan. kena sedar sikit sape kita. haha. ok dah start mengarut.
saya update ni pon sempena kesunyian saya yg melampau2 kt kuantan ni. dtg awal sbb ada urusan sri paduka baginda.

hah, ni dia gambar masa year1. zaman x bersalah, yakni, perut still steady n smart. 
Prof Jalal, anatomy. (dah pindah upnm)
year 1:enjoy

ni pulak zaman year 2. zaman anak patung. xpayah top up bagai call pt. pt mmg kena gam kt bilik simulation (kdg2 kesian gak tgk diorg, tp diorg redho je) 
sebenarnya yg baling bunga tu adalah saya. best plak main baling2. rasa nk kawin byk2, boleh baling byk kali kan.

gambar ni masa 3rd year. alhamdulillah, tolong pegang pingat org, johan terjun papan paling anjal paling tinggi n paling rendah. time ni ramai xde, sbb tido kt asrama. bahaha

ops, sory kalau kalian terkejut tgk gambar ni. hehe. partner masa 3rd year ni. qila, org ganu. mmg pekat giler korea dia. dok bunyi langsung loghat penyu. fuh. abaikan brader yg kt belakang tu, brader plg hensem & annoying kt uia. 
yea3: enjoy

ok bawah ni, koleksi gambar masa year 4. 
saya frust, sbb prince of the night menang kt org lain, sepatutnya saya yg menang.
touching moment. mmg ramai nangis time ni (sbb xmenang), izz di nobatkan princess of the night. 
'terupload' sorry virus2, jgn tgk lama2. 
ok, time ni mmg sedih. Dr ammar pindah. sob3.

ok, dua2 tgh control sebenarnya. Dr Yunita.  satu2 nya lecurer yg pngil saya Jaim, sbb nya dia ckp saya bergaya. kerana jaim dlm indon mksud nya kacak bergaya(ok yg ni sumpah x tipu), saya pon rasa begitu. adik delisha, mmg manja. mlm2 video call/ call, "kenapa call abang mlm ni?", "adik rindu" sweet x? hehe. pt paeds mmg best. sng je nk handle kalau taw cara. tips:  mulut tu kena muncung mcm jerung bile ckp ng diorg.
ok. belajar apa2 pon stress, duk rumah xbuat keje pon stress, sembelit pon stress. semua lah stress. tp, kena positive, jgn la 24 jam duk study dentistry je, bapak bosan. 24 jam duk susun gigi. xyah la nk perfectionist sgt. kasi 'life' sket. buat la apa2 yg patut, mcm joget dlm bilik ke? usrah ke? makan ke? kacau roomate ke? pusing2 uia ke? macam2 la. pandai2 la nk idop. yg penting ada matlamat n idop kena sistematik, jgn kelam kabut. 

hari jadi roomate. 


nazim n herie. dua2 kuat makan.


ekin, alkaf, fatin n siti (freehair)


tudia, patient whassap gmbar ni. antara pt yg sporting n kuat selfie. org filipina. mmg hensem, sekali sendawa, ramai wanita dtg serbu. kembali kpd Islam lebih kurang 2 thn lepas. 

shaf ai, taqwa, mariah, ummi.

baru perasan,semua handsome. 


kpd yg kenal diri ini, tegur2 la, saya mmg senang diajak bergurau :p lebih2 lg nak ajak makan.
xkenal maka x cinta, 

abam xtaw nk update apa, so sape2 yg rasa termenyesal bukak blog ni, bg la idea sket eh
spread love. the more the merrier. 

that's all! 

behind a successful man there will always be a woman

Saturday, September 21, 2013

feel free to cry

Who said crying is wrong, bad, fake and everything attached to it? It just shows how true a person you are with true feelings you dont hide. Dont tell someone to stop their tears, judge their emotions simply becuase you cannot understand their pain so st into your face. 
Difference between someone encouraging you to be strong sincerely, stopping your tears to think logically & a person who watches from afar, and then make unnecessary comments, admiting that probably it's 'heartless' to not feel a thing is just nothing but speechless act. 

Feel free to cry it out I say. Because that definitely feels better than suppressing or feeling nothing. 

Watch ourselves, because we dont want to be numb and become plastic. Now do we?

Saturday, March 17, 2012

I haven't forgotten you

mascot(in the picture): herie dahlan :)

I will say that 2nd year at KOD is much much better than the 1st year. We have a lot more time off,(mata keatas tgn ke bahu) and we finally get to learn how to be a dentists!
We spend a lot of time up in the simulation clinic working on our preparations and restorations.

When we are not in the simulation clinic drillin and fillin, we are in the seminar room for our lecture series. Sprinkled in througout the week are a few hours of Pharmacology, not too bad.

Just for my own curiosity, anyone who happens upon this blog, please sign in so I can see whether or not people actually read my writings. Whether my blog is alone in the vast space of blogland, it matters not to me, it's just a way for me to journalize my time in this world :p

intervasity games!

it can be said as national game, where all dental students from their representative university come to the host university(iium) and play all types of games. trying their best to win medals.

anyway for our KOD, we won 3 gold, and overall we at 2nd place come after USM. gud job kod-lings!

Friday, January 20, 2012

kulliyyah of dentistry

It has been almost a long while that i have not written anything here, as if im so not in mood or in other words have given up to write. But suddenly today, i want to start it all over again.

plez enjoy some of the pics i curi from frens :p pics taken at new building, kulliyyah of dentistry,iium.


locker room
colorful toilet
lecture theater
Public Health department
5stars cafe
polyclinic-waiting room
simulation lab

p/s:I ve been in a mood of sleep for quite a moment. hepy hols ppl!!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

the woman i call sister

birthday party?

The woman I call sister
Is someone who is there
The woman I call sister
Is someone who always cares.

The woman I call sister
Can make me smile when times are blue
The woman I call sister
Is someone very true.

The woman I call sister
By choice, is my best of friend
The woman I call sister
Will be there till the end

The woman I call sister
Is the blessing from God above
The woman I call sister
Is the sister that I'll always love

The woman i call sister
who always ask for the phone top up

I love my sister dearly because she really cares
So whether we are together or we are far apart.

happy birthday

Friday, December 9, 2011

stressful and fatiguing

makan totap no 1

Time keeps on ticking, ticking, ticking into the FUTURE.

Sometimes it's like I can actually feel it ticking by, day after day, hour after hour, feel myself growing older by the second.

I read a poll that says that people are happiest at the following ages: 18-24 and 55-65. How can that be, one might ask? I can only figure it this way: 18-26 year olds are in college and graduating shortly thereafter.

1++ years ago,
When I was in the process of interviewing, I tried to create the image of a perfect applicant.
What was it that made the adcoms go “OOOH,yeahhh We NEED this student.”


'How do I know if being a dentist is right for me?'
This be the most overlooked and undervalued question, while being perhaps the most important one. In my case, I somehow knew I wanted to drill people’s teeth since I was 5yo 'kot'
Clearly, my case cannot be taken seriously since up until about the age of 18, I had no real clue of what that profession entails.

Anyway, Dental school can be EXTREMELY stressful and you may find yourself pulling quite a few all-nighters. Whatever you do - exercise,workout,hang out with friends, go out to social events put on by your class or the school, and sleep- really enjoy those breaks when you get them. I definitely recommend finding something else to do just so you can get away from dentistry for a little bit each week. However, I would not recommend trying to handle a job during dental school unless you can snag an easy work-study position. You'll want to use your free time for something you enjoy.

mood: genuinely enjoyed making a denture. just nice!

because i can.

while i am alone. it is He who always be with me.

thank you Allah.