Saturday, September 21, 2013

feel free to cry

Who said crying is wrong, bad, fake and everything attached to it? It just shows how true a person you are with true feelings you dont hide. Dont tell someone to stop their tears, judge their emotions simply becuase you cannot understand their pain so st into your face. 
Difference between someone encouraging you to be strong sincerely, stopping your tears to think logically & a person who watches from afar, and then make unnecessary comments, admiting that probably it's 'heartless' to not feel a thing is just nothing but speechless act. 

Feel free to cry it out I say. Because that definitely feels better than suppressing or feeling nothing. 

Watch ourselves, because we dont want to be numb and become plastic. Now do we?


  1. Finally, an entry :) I've been waiting for ages.. very well said :')