Friday, December 9, 2011

stressful and fatiguing

makan totap no 1

Time keeps on ticking, ticking, ticking into the FUTURE.

Sometimes it's like I can actually feel it ticking by, day after day, hour after hour, feel myself growing older by the second.

I read a poll that says that people are happiest at the following ages: 18-24 and 55-65. How can that be, one might ask? I can only figure it this way: 18-26 year olds are in college and graduating shortly thereafter.

1++ years ago,
When I was in the process of interviewing, I tried to create the image of a perfect applicant.
What was it that made the adcoms go “OOOH,yeahhh We NEED this student.”


'How do I know if being a dentist is right for me?'
This be the most overlooked and undervalued question, while being perhaps the most important one. In my case, I somehow knew I wanted to drill people’s teeth since I was 5yo 'kot'
Clearly, my case cannot be taken seriously since up until about the age of 18, I had no real clue of what that profession entails.

Anyway, Dental school can be EXTREMELY stressful and you may find yourself pulling quite a few all-nighters. Whatever you do - exercise,workout,hang out with friends, go out to social events put on by your class or the school, and sleep- really enjoy those breaks when you get them. I definitely recommend finding something else to do just so you can get away from dentistry for a little bit each week. However, I would not recommend trying to handle a job during dental school unless you can snag an easy work-study position. You'll want to use your free time for something you enjoy.

mood: genuinely enjoyed making a denture. just nice!

because i can.

while i am alone. it is He who always be with me.

thank you Allah.


  1. subhanallah....amik dental ke? tahun bape da? belajar katne? (maaf, byk tnya)

  2. 2nd yr dental. blaja kat uia. dtg bln 3 nt ada dental intervasity

  3. meleleh air liur kawe tngok chicken chop dgn teh oben tuh...slirpppp...

  4. hu3...sabar mat..nt demo balik make puah2. kat volgo pon ado