Saturday, March 20, 2010

LiViNg a fUlL LiFe

in the name of Allah The Most Gracious Most Merciful

I dun know!
Then I got selfish n began wondering about myself again,
I dun know!
If someone tells me that I only have certain number of days left on this planet,
I would rather hate it!
I’d worry n fret too much about d exact moment when the big light switch would be turned off,
I’d worry about things left undone,
I’d worry about people worrying about me,
In short, I’d probably worry myself to death,

What if I never spend enough time with family n friends, because I’m off climbing mountains or traipsing around Inca ruins?
What if I never appreciate the sun setting at the end of each day, because I’m too busy painting ambition?
What if I just get plain tired from all that activity?


Written by : Raja Mohamed Zulzaim al-mawdudi bin Raja Husni


  1. life is too short not to be lived to the fullest..
    if chances come, give them a shot, not to be wasted, don't squander life with nothing~
    life is too short~

  2. u ar rite fren!
    as we know that time is scarcest resource n unless it is managed,
    nothing else can be managed!