Wednesday, March 24, 2010

BoRiNg iS CaRiNg

short sem class + assignment = boring

eat + basketball + movies + internet + sleep = some time can be disgusting

arghhh... i got no idea #### error ??? try again

ermmm, good idea for me to learn new recipe to cook! who said boys can't do it ?!
karipap pusing? kuih bom? ask me...

sometimes our class can be interesting, lot of laugh, well, all lecturers are so funny. Dr Abdul Latif, Dr Abdul Kabir from Nigeria and Dr Hikmatullah Babu from India.


Zulhelmi, medicine student, from Terengganu, he is my roommate, he is 20 years old, ha3, sorry zul! insyaallah we'll go to Darul Quran at Kuala Kubu Bharu...long time not go there ya...he3.


boring boring conclusion, boring

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