Thursday, January 21, 2010

GuNakAn KaN KeSeMpAtAn

bye2 eap assignment,
today is last day to submit the term paper,
everything ok insyaallah.

started w looking 4 da sources,
went to ppum library,
surf d internet,
asking d lecturers,
act, its hard.

it is my first book with very2 skema!
paraphase from d source,
synthesize d idea from others,
so skema,
y not, just write it n read,
that is more easy,
miz ckp, u ol akn wat d same thing drg ur degree n so on,
yah, 4 ur thesis...
life is complicated

dis week, is d crazy week,
eap, chem, phy, btq,
ol hav to finish on d same day!
i gonna to suicide,
baek tido n tido,
no problem at ol,

u think,
what u gonna do,
dis night,
u hav to settle up,
1.tommorow morning present btq
2.tommorow tutor chem yg susahhhhh
3.tommorow quiz current n magnetism yg ak xthn nk phm
4.eap yg ak tangguh submit kt mdm
5.pemplate btq ta wat ag

its kill me,
my mood getting bad,
some of my grupmates nk sgt wat quiz d same day i hav to present btq,
i lost!
api telinga keluar ikot telinga,

how do u feel,
penat yg tak ada noktah nya!
i got pain on every part of my body,
i just pray to Allah, seek 4 da strength,

this is only my 1st percent of life...

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