Monday, October 24, 2011

no place like home

encik arshad suh beratur. ikut aje

i love d one week holiday .
come on!
it's time of relaxation..phewww.
a time of joy n a time of forgetting about any work u might have due. SOQ
.it's time where u sit at home madly trying to get your head around an insane amount of asgnmts u hav to make a start before yr buddies get up u for not making any progress.

i'm getting pretty stressed about d amount of works i have on the go at d moment...
uwaaaa...mau nangis siii. quiz, tutor. grrrr!!!

annoyingly enough you :)

spoil my mood you:)




i was finally feeling better over d weekend so i used that time to chip away as much as i could but it still feels like i barely made a dint in d huge mountain of stuff i hav to get done before they're all due.

can u imagine it?

TIME MANAGEMENT is the key says the hypocrite to success!

anyway, that's a quick wrap up of my not very fun but kinda fun break...

cheers :)