Friday, November 26, 2010

sTuDy MoOd

almost 5month living in a very peaceful place, IIUM. he3.btw, i'm proud to stay here, now i realize why i Allah put me here. to make a story, afte spm's result r released, i dah start thinkin whr i shud g futhr my stdy. ouh, drg jom masuk u fun fair kt kota baru, someone i dun knw him, really recmd me to enter PASUM. " u better go pasum, then u mtk mdc ukm, jgn um, usm pon ok gak" dats wat he said la. so i fill in d blank kt borang UPU, 1st choice is PASUM then baru la uia. so, bla bla bla, cek result, wat? uia. ha3. nk gelak lagi, ha3 lol. hu3. 1st lookin at cfs building, im quite regret but stil grateful. bla3 afte 2years there, trnsfrd to kuantan whr health campus is located.
wat a beautiful buildings, scenery, n HANDSOME CUTE JAMBU BROTHERS.

now, its alredy come to my end of 2nd block. feeling like i hav been here 4 5years. life was so bloody busy. bak kate dr thar, "Y brada, sista, moning sleepy, aftenun sleepy, evening sleepy~ everytime sleepy, not interested?" ha, Asst Prof Dr Thar was graduated from TODAI YO! Univ of tokyo yo. tgk cter jepon, ramai bereput nk musk todai. kalau kat msia ni uia KOWT.

mmm, i thinks its too early to comment abt d exam, so i leave it till result come out yah.

n to my frens, gud luck exam, one paper left, PHYSIOLOGY.

dun waste ur time,

can't wait to back home.
nk Qadha raya aidilfitri n aidiladha sekali.
jgn terkejut kalau zaim g rumah org tuk raya pose bkn raya aji!!!
saya kecik lagi, xsampai 20 lagi, so bole dpt duit raya lagi!