Sunday, December 27, 2009

YaNg MaNa sAtU

selamat pengantin baru!
happy wedding's day!
waaa, hepi la tu,

me: ma duk mane ni? kol umah, noboby answered my kol..
ma: ma kt umah ayah angkat kpd abah mu la,
me: 4 what?
ma: his daughter got married,
me: which one ha? that actor 'tanah kubor'?
ma: nope! his daughter still studying medic at monash, she just came back.
me: with who ma? y not me 3x..(FRUST)
ma: eh, c2 lak kamu nih.. dia pnye suami org tanah merah , br graduate monash amk mdc
me: dasar family doc, cme sesat sorg jd actor(femez tu, secret 4 hem2)..her father lecturer mdc kt uia n former head of cardio at ijn..???
ma: ha! he waiting u!
me: hah! waduh, tgk la, lau im senang amk medic, lau malas tkr amk denti or pharmacy..he3
ma: watch ur mouth im!

talking abut married, cm x sbr lak,
so here's da deal,

but my mum hav told me to finish my study first then brulah cr couple...
kejap jer...
study ni takes time, to focus on!
anyway, let me know what u think of these,
n post ur ideas too,

is it i hav popping up da wrong thing???
1.married first
2.gatal2 ng couple with da third party
3.married then love each other

which one u prefer to...
gimme ur idea,
perhaps, it'll helpful


selamat pengantin baru
to me and .....???

jen je jen.....


  1. Be friends first. The instant you realised that you have developed some special feelings towards her,tell her. And if coincidentally she's feeling the same way, just ask for her hands! LOL.

    Ok. Not a good opinion, I know. I guess I watched too many dramas.
    But I'd have to agree with yr mum though. STUDY FIRST!
    And anyway, why do guys always think about marriage? >_<

  2. is it?
    not ol guys rasenye,
    anyway, thanx 4 da comment...

    of coz i agree with my mum,
    if not 'si tangang' namenye,
    i never ask any one..ha3..4 what?
    hey, lets have a ehem2!...
    makes me felt terrible over a gal,
    maybe, she said..u deserve better, hope u can find someone better than i am...or..
    laaa, i dah ada da..

    d lessons is take ur time to know ur heart n mind...